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The Presidential Debates-McCaine VS Obama Round Two

October 7, 2008

McCain Vs, Obama

Tonight we get to see round two of what will surely be prime-prime time viewing in this presidential race.

I will be watching the debate and either have a report later tonight or tomorrow night depending on my schedule and how I’m feeling.

But let me just state right now…if you are undecided at this point in time as to who you are voting for, this second debate will more than likely help you make up your mind.

I predict that tonight will bring a lot of muck raking, act calling, and a lot of accusation from both podiums…but only one of the candidates will win out tonight if they focus in on the most important issue that America is facing right now…and that is a lagging ( almost fatal ) economy.

While the subject of Iraq will surely be touched upon, this is not a major election issue at this particular point in time and if both candidates waste time on this issue, than the candidacy will all of a sudden become a toss up between two out of touch candidates rather than just one.

Watch the debate tonight, I guarantee it will be interesting and possibly even a bit explosive. 🙂