Are you kidding me?

Posted June 1, 2007 by animekid
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I haven’t written a post on Burn The Candle for a long time, but what I heard reported in the news yesterday deserves an Angry Post.

Reported on talk radio station WABC by some reporter, ” George Bush wants to raise an ADDITIONAL 30 BILLION DOLLARS to help the African country of Darfur and to help fight the aids epidemic sweeping thru Africa in an effort to leave office with a LEGACY!”


While a genuine cause, I cannot understand how this schmuck thinks that we here in the US do not have serious issues that need to be addressed first!

How about we revisit Social Security and the Health Care system here in the US.

My mother who lives with me now, lives on a small pension from the state and a small check from Social Security. She has to pay for her Medical coverage, and has to pay for her own meds. She has no plan that allows her to get any type of cash back for her medical and prescription expenses.

I’ve got a thought here…how about instead of helping raise another 30 billion for darphur, we take that cash and infuse our social security program…

or how about we take that raised cash and just redistribute the wealth! I certainly could use a cool million ( well actually I could use three mill ) and just let that grow in a high earning savings account and just live off the interest!

What could be worse than a country that is able to raise this kind of cash for a good cause ( notice I did not say ” great cause ” ) when there are still people here who live in poverty, who live paycheck to paycheck, an elderly population that will continue to grow, and will more than likely not have retirement income, due to a mismanaged Social Security system.

If the president wants to leave office with a legacy, let him do more for his own, before he worries about a foreign nation and it’s people!


Virginia Tech-A consequence of the right to bear arms.

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I haven’t looked at a lot of other people’s posts about the tragedy that is Virginia Tech. One caught my eye thou, written by Sigmund, Carl, & Alfred.

The title, ” Why are there piles of bodies at Virginia Tech ” talks about the epidemic of violence in our schools and broaches the subject of guns and gun control and very quickly pushes the subject to the side as just another subject to be filed under the term of ” Political Agenda .”

I get offended when I see that something as important as the debate about gun control get’s labeled as just someone’s way of moving a political agenda forward….well you know what…

with the tragedy of Virginia Tech, and the remembrance and comparison to Columbine, maybe it’s time to look at this so called ” Political Agenda ” topic with a very large microscope.

Is it the right of every red blooded American to bear arms?

The constitution lays out this right very clearly on paper, but is this right now becoming outdated?

The post that I referred to here mentions that this type of violence doen’t happen in other countries, and further that ” Terror has becomes an accepted form of political and social expression, that status granted by those who most profess to be non violent or peaceful “

Certainly, this statement represents a ” slighted ” point of view and really does not reflect how most Americans view terrorism. If this was a view we all shared, than there would be no outrage about the Iraq war and Bush’s ” War On Terror .”

What I feel is that we need to take another look at the so called ” Right to Bear Arms “, certainly an issue that has already sparked debate for many years, and after yet another tragic event, I do not think we can ignore the issue of gun control any longer.

I think the real question is, can we as a people , envision an America without guns? If we want a less violent America, at the very least, it’s time to have a change in direction, and for all you ” I have the right to bear arms, and I only have a gun because I hunt ”

people , I say get a bow and arrow and do your hunting the hard way.

Oh, and for all of you gun owners who are ” Sportsmen “….

no, your not…

your just killers, and you can take your elk horns and shove em!

Fired! CBS Radio Fires Don Imus!

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Okay, this is the third piece on the I-Man that I have wrote over a two day period, and now I’m pissed!

Al Sharpton has finally done it!

He has circumvented the constitution, and he didn’t even have to go to court to do it!

Watch what you say tomorrow at your job, at Shoprite, at your local Sunoco gas station, or any where else you have ( or had the right to )FREE SPEECH!

This is now way past an issue about Imus and his idiotic statement, this is about your constitutional right of ” Freedom of Speech ” and watch what is going to happen in the future to that right.

Where is the justice in this anyway? The only thing that Imus is guilty of …is being Don Imus!


CBS Radio, you really suck!

Another employer that caved into social pressure over a statement that was stupid, but not racist!

You know, if America really wants to be ” Politically Correct “, why don’t we just come down on other entertainers, I can name a few comedy performers, who fall into the ” Don Imus ” school of incorrectness…

how about Dave Chappell, Carlos Mencia, and ….dare I say Cartman from South Park!

Helloooo…..I could see the suspension that was originally planned for Imus from MSNBC, till they caved and pulled him off the TV, and now CBS ( who has been letting Imus do this for YEARS! ) has decided to fire him!

I am going to end this by saying what I have stated earlier in my other posts, while what Don said was just plain stupid and hurtful, I can’t see the justification for the actions from MSNBC and now from CBS Radio.

Oh, and one more thing, Al Sharpton, of all people, shouldn’t have the influence or the clout to get another person fired, just because they did a foolish thing…I will just utter the name of Tawana Brawley, that should be enough to remind people about who and what Al Sharpton is really all about…

Lies, Deception, and Falsehoods.

Canned! MSNBC drops Imus!

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Nothing like standing by your man.

MSNBC caves into the pressure and cancels Imus in the Morning from their television programming schedule.

Personally, I am just in awe at the amount of outrage that this incident has generated…and most of it perpetuated by Al Sharpton, who if a black rapper had said something derogatory about another human being who wasn’t black, would not have had one word to say about the matter…period!

When I look back on the subject of controversial people with big mouths who happen to be radio personalities, the first person who comes to mind is Howard Stern.

The so called ” King of All Media ” has probably been just as controversial as anyone I can remember, and yet in the end Howard is a mega star, with a new ( well maybe not so new anymore ) show on Sirius Satellite Radio. Now you have to remember that this is a guy who had strippers on his television show and did all kinds of outrageous stuff with these girls, and with girls on his show in general!

And got away with it!

Look, I know that Don Imus is no saint, and when it’s time to go to heaven, I think the angel Gabriel will probably punch his lights out!

But this is what Imus has done all his radio career…been a loud mouth, been controversial, and while his ratings haven’t been the best over the past few years, I’m not sure that he deserves this type of drastic response ” NOW ” to behaviour he has been exhibiting for I don’t know how many years.

I think that MSNB has made a terrible mistake, and has shown that they have no loyalty toward their on camera personalities, and can be persuaded by certain political groups of people who become outraged over what can only be deemed as ” Thoughtless ” and ” Insensitive ” comments.

But I am very sorry to say that the hypocrisy, which is just blatant in this matter shows that we are not really a free society at all, but a society built on the promise of free speech….until certain civic groups get involved in matters of said free speech, and suddenly, free speech is not so free anymore.

Imus Suspended!

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As I stated in yesterday’s post, I don’t listen to the I Man, with any regularity, but the last couple of days I have been listening in on my daily drive to hell, oopps I meant work ( same thing ) and I have to say that Don sounds genuinely distressed over these comments.

Quite frankly, I think this is just an instance where, you have to first, look at the source of the comment….come on folks, the times when I have listened in on this show, I have heard alot of ” Stereo type “, ” Minority Bashing ” in the bits that have been done, and I must say, they got me to laugh ( and ask anyone who knows me, that’s pretty tough ) they have been harmless, plain and simple. That’s it! It’s comedy folks, and it’s Imus. I have heard alot of discussion on both sides of this (non) issue over the past few days, and I have decided that I think it’s enough that the I Man be suspended. That’s enough in my book.

There have been in times past, much greater wrongs, said and done not just towards African Americans ( and I just censored myself as I was typing African American, I want to be politicly correct here ) but I personally feel that anything more than the suspension is just too much and you folks need to take a funny pill!

I was listening to the Shawn Hannity radio show yesterday, and I don’t remember the name of the ( oh,the heck with it ) BLACK comedian that was one of the guests talking about this issue, but this guy was able to be objective and honest about this and he was not offended by what Imus said.

I think the real issue here is that Imus, with his ” Imus Ranch “, does alot of really good work for kids with Cancer, ALL THE TIME, and I think you need to weigh this against what can only be termed as Imus being Imus on his morning show and you need to deal with it.

As we are always told, if you don’t like what you are listening to and or watching, there is something called the ability to decide, which in this case would be maybe, just change the channel and get over it.

Imus ” Too Much In The Morning ?”

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I have been an irregular listener at best to Imus in the Morning, and this latest outburst from the mouth that roared really shouldn’t surprise anyone. Imus has always steered his own ship, sans any apologies. And any apologies that come are usually after the fact, as in this case.

My only real question here is really aimed at Al Sharpton….where are you when Imus’s mouth is insulting another Caucasian, of any decent? If this had been said in reference to some other group of people, not of African heritage, I have to question just how civic minded you would have been in that same instance?

The Obama Watch

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I first spoke about who to watch for in o7 as far as politics goes, and I guess that what I said about Obama was right on target. If you have been keeping up, you may have noticed the fact that the Hillary train to Washington may have hit the Obama bump in the road, and I for one couldn’t be happier about it!

I know that we still haven’t heard enough about Obama, but I still think that this story isn’t over yet. Even if Obama doesn’t get the Democratic nod this time around, he most certainly will in the future. But I will not say more about this for now other than to say, it’s along way off for the election, and there still is not a favored front runner for the dems yet, and so the drama continues on!