Guilt By Association?

As already noted, Barack Obama and 60’s activist William ( Bill ) Ayers would meet better than twenty years later, about school reform in a Chicago skyscraper.

Is this ” Guilt by Association? ”

You bet it is, and aren’t the conservative talk show hosts and the candidate running for vice president just chomping at the bit to exploit this bit of noir information?

Yes, lets just take this bit of social interaction and snowball it into a mountain of conjecture that can be spoon fed to us by a right wing media that is starting to see the McCain/Palin campaign starting to do the proverbial nosedive?

One fact…by the time that Obama had met Ayers, Ayers was a teacher, an Education Professor…probably one of those professors that conservatives are always saying use our children as left wing repositories, one of those professors who spew their left wing agendas to a captive audience.

I guess the real question here is can’t a person change? Can’t a person grow and leave their past behind them? Can’t they have a fresh start? You would think that the answer here is yes right?

Not in a political race for the highest office in the land…the presidency…no trespasses forgiven….no past deeds overlooked ( and make no mistake this is equal for both sides of the isle ), and even if the answer is no, does a person become guilty of association because of chance meetings?

Apparently, the answer here, in this case, under these circumstances is a resounding yes!

And just to end this little rant on a high note, the aforementioned Bill Ayers and his wife are both professors, Bill who teaches at the University of Illinois, and his wife Bernardine Dohrn, teaches at Northwestern University.

Two terrorists of the mind.

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