Do Conservatives have a Political Agenda?

Do Conservatives have a Political Agenda?

I ask this question more in the rhetorical vein due to what I have heard almost all of this year…

I have heard a term used by most conservative talk show hosts on the radio for most of this year when speaking of the Democrats and that term is Political Expediency…

And what I find about this term, is that it has been used against the Dems whenever it has been convenient for conservative talk radio to point out something that they consider to be wrong toward any Democratic action.

And this term was used very often by Shawn Hannity, during the Clinton my question becomes…Does the Republican Party have any kind of Political Agenda?

And the answer of course is …Yes they do!

I shouldn’t even have to ask the question!

Of course they do!

Just look at the current administration now…President Bush…Republican…took us into Iraq under the premise of WMD’s…did we ever find these WMD’s?


But what is the Republican mantra towards the Iraqi War at this time?…Stay the course…we can still win and bring democracy to this dustbowl of a country…whether they want one or not…and that is a mixed bag also!

And lets not even mention the 700 billion baleout, because this is something that while needed, shouldn’t have happened in the first place and I think equal blame should be placed with both parties on this one.

So, in closing this first post that I have done in a loooooooong time….both parties have political agendas, and it’s up to us as american citizens to decide what we feel is right for us and our country…and as always we should look at both sides of any issue in order to make an educated decision or even just a half assed comment…and we should especially know the issues on both sides of the isle in this election year, not just the rantings of one side or the other.


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