New Hampshire is over and the race continues

While Rudy forgoes New Hampshire for greener voting pastures, Senator John McCaine and Senator Hillary Clinton take surprise victories here on the second stop for the ultimate prize…the Whitehouse.

Everyone thought that Obama had New Hampshire all but a lock, which just goes to show you that this race is very early and that anything is possible.

Senator McCaine was definitely a surprise winner here, but if you listen to conservative talk radio, they say that McCain won due to the libertarian vote, while Clinton won because of more women coming out to vote for the candidate.

And in other developments, Senator Bill Richardson is dropping out of the race on the Democrat side, and could there be an even later entry into the race for the white house from another mayor?

I know that mayor Mike Bloomburg is quietly doing some polling to see if he might be a viable candidate running under a Libertarian ticket, but no definite plans at this time.

And the race continues for our pleasure and at times, our amusement.

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