Are you kidding me?

I haven’t written a post on Burn The Candle for a long time, but what I heard reported in the news yesterday deserves an Angry Post.

Reported on talk radio station WABC by some reporter, ” George Bush wants to raise an ADDITIONAL 30 BILLION DOLLARS to help the African country of Darfur and to help fight the aids epidemic sweeping thru Africa in an effort to leave office with a LEGACY!”


While a genuine cause, I cannot understand how this schmuck thinks that we here in the US do not have serious issues that need to be addressed first!

How about we revisit Social Security and the Health Care system here in the US.

My mother who lives with me now, lives on a small pension from the state and a small check from Social Security. She has to pay for her Medical coverage, and has to pay for her own meds. She has no plan that allows her to get any type of cash back for her medical and prescription expenses.

I’ve got a thought here…how about instead of helping raise another 30 billion for darphur, we take that cash and infuse our social security program…

or how about we take that raised cash and just redistribute the wealth! I certainly could use a cool million ( well actually I could use three mill ) and just let that grow in a high earning savings account and just live off the interest!

What could be worse than a country that is able to raise this kind of cash for a good cause ( notice I did not say ” great cause ” ) when there are still people here who live in poverty, who live paycheck to paycheck, an elderly population that will continue to grow, and will more than likely not have retirement income, due to a mismanaged Social Security system.

If the president wants to leave office with a legacy, let him do more for his own, before he worries about a foreign nation and it’s people!

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