Virginia Tech-A consequence of the right to bear arms.

I haven’t looked at a lot of other people’s posts about the tragedy that is Virginia Tech. One caught my eye thou, written by Sigmund, Carl, & Alfred.

The title, ” Why are there piles of bodies at Virginia Tech ” talks about the epidemic of violence in our schools and broaches the subject of guns and gun control and very quickly pushes the subject to the side as just another subject to be filed under the term of ” Political Agenda .”

I get offended when I see that something as important as the debate about gun control get’s labeled as just someone’s way of moving a political agenda forward….well you know what…

with the tragedy of Virginia Tech, and the remembrance and comparison to Columbine, maybe it’s time to look at this so called ” Political Agenda ” topic with a very large microscope.

Is it the right of every red blooded American to bear arms?

The constitution lays out this right very clearly on paper, but is this right now becoming outdated?

The post that I referred to here mentions that this type of violence doen’t happen in other countries, and further that ” Terror has becomes an accepted form of political and social expression, that status granted by those who most profess to be non violent or peaceful “

Certainly, this statement represents a ” slighted ” point of view and really does not reflect how most Americans view terrorism. If this was a view we all shared, than there would be no outrage about the Iraq war and Bush’s ” War On Terror .”

What I feel is that we need to take another look at the so called ” Right to Bear Arms “, certainly an issue that has already sparked debate for many years, and after yet another tragic event, I do not think we can ignore the issue of gun control any longer.

I think the real question is, can we as a people , envision an America without guns? If we want a less violent America, at the very least, it’s time to have a change in direction, and for all you ” I have the right to bear arms, and I only have a gun because I hunt ”

people , I say get a bow and arrow and do your hunting the hard way.

Oh, and for all of you gun owners who are ” Sportsmen “….

no, your not…

your just killers, and you can take your elk horns and shove em!

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