Fired! CBS Radio Fires Don Imus!

Okay, this is the third piece on the I-Man that I have wrote over a two day period, and now I’m pissed!

Al Sharpton has finally done it!

He has circumvented the constitution, and he didn’t even have to go to court to do it!

Watch what you say tomorrow at your job, at Shoprite, at your local Sunoco gas station, or any where else you have ( or had the right to )FREE SPEECH!

This is now way past an issue about Imus and his idiotic statement, this is about your constitutional right of ” Freedom of Speech ” and watch what is going to happen in the future to that right.

Where is the justice in this anyway? The only thing that Imus is guilty of …is being Don Imus!


CBS Radio, you really suck!

Another employer that caved into social pressure over a statement that was stupid, but not racist!

You know, if America really wants to be ” Politically Correct “, why don’t we just come down on other entertainers, I can name a few comedy performers, who fall into the ” Don Imus ” school of incorrectness…

how about Dave Chappell, Carlos Mencia, and ….dare I say Cartman from South Park!

Helloooo…..I could see the suspension that was originally planned for Imus from MSNBC, till they caved and pulled him off the TV, and now CBS ( who has been letting Imus do this for YEARS! ) has decided to fire him!

I am going to end this by saying what I have stated earlier in my other posts, while what Don said was just plain stupid and hurtful, I can’t see the justification for the actions from MSNBC and now from CBS Radio.

Oh, and one more thing, Al Sharpton, of all people, shouldn’t have the influence or the clout to get another person fired, just because they did a foolish thing…I will just utter the name of Tawana Brawley, that should be enough to remind people about who and what Al Sharpton is really all about…

Lies, Deception, and Falsehoods.

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