Canned! MSNBC drops Imus!

Nothing like standing by your man.

MSNBC caves into the pressure and cancels Imus in the Morning from their television programming schedule.

Personally, I am just in awe at the amount of outrage that this incident has generated…and most of it perpetuated by Al Sharpton, who if a black rapper had said something derogatory about another human being who wasn’t black, would not have had one word to say about the matter…period!

When I look back on the subject of controversial people with big mouths who happen to be radio personalities, the first person who comes to mind is Howard Stern.

The so called ” King of All Media ” has probably been just as controversial as anyone I can remember, and yet in the end Howard is a mega star, with a new ( well maybe not so new anymore ) show on Sirius Satellite Radio. Now you have to remember that this is a guy who had strippers on his television show and did all kinds of outrageous stuff with these girls, and with girls on his show in general!

And got away with it!

Look, I know that Don Imus is no saint, and when it’s time to go to heaven, I think the angel Gabriel will probably punch his lights out!

But this is what Imus has done all his radio career…been a loud mouth, been controversial, and while his ratings haven’t been the best over the past few years, I’m not sure that he deserves this type of drastic response ” NOW ” to behaviour he has been exhibiting for I don’t know how many years.

I think that MSNB has made a terrible mistake, and has shown that they have no loyalty toward their on camera personalities, and can be persuaded by certain political groups of people who become outraged over what can only be deemed as ” Thoughtless ” and ” Insensitive ” comments.

But I am very sorry to say that the hypocrisy, which is just blatant in this matter shows that we are not really a free society at all, but a society built on the promise of free speech….until certain civic groups get involved in matters of said free speech, and suddenly, free speech is not so free anymore.

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