Looks Like the Party’s Over in Washington

This is just a short post.

The president gives his last State of the Union address this Tuesday, and for the first time ever, he will have to utter the words ” Madame Speaker “. This will probably be the last civil words that come from his mouth toward the new speaker and to a Democrat majority in the congress.

While the new congress was aplauding itself for it’s first 100 hour agenda to get certain legislation passed, the real battle in Washington has only just begun.

With his ” Troop Surge ” initiative already started ( the Congress be damned ) the president will face an uphill battle dealing with both parties within the congress, due to the fact that there are senators in both parties who are against the president’s troop initiative.

To finish this short post, I just want to point out that as I stated in an earlier post , there really will never be a

” bipartisan ” work ethic in the congress because there are ( in my opinion ) alot of the ” Old Guard ” on both sides of the isle, that will always point fingers at one another that causes the real alienation in Washington.

What we really need are young, fresh voices, that do not want it to be ” Politics as usual ” in Washington, and want to steer the country in a new direction.

And on that note, watch out Hillary, and all of you talk radio Conservatives who think that Barack Obama is young and untested. The country is tired and we want a change in the good old boys in Washington, and we want it fast.

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