24: Art Imitating Life? Making the case for the Bush war on Terror?

Had a hard decision this evening…..watch ” Shawn’s Hannity’s America ” with ” The Donald ” or watch the two hour premier of 24…what to do, what to do?

As I stated in my post about Hannity’s show, I probably would not catch too many of them so the decision was easy in the end.

24 delivered the goods, but I really cannot help but notice the scenario here ( by the way if you haven’t seen tonight’s episodes and are going to, than you might want to direct your browser to another page right now! ) and the scenario is pretty much why I have the Long Winded title above….

real terrorists exploding bombs here on US soil, and I don’t mean one or two. The scenario is actually pretty scary here….the idea that a terrorist organization would be able to at will, just detonate bombs here, anywhere they wanted to, and good old US intelligence would be just as stupid as usual, what is America to do?

In steps the hero of 24, Jack Bauer to save the day.

The real short point here folks, is that in this case art isn’t imitating life….yet.

But while the scenario shown tonight on my television screen isn’t happening here yet, it doesn’t mean it won’t in the future. This scene is real and taking place in the middle east, and also in whatever select countries that terrorists decide to bomb this week!

Could we be next?

I don’t know?

Whose to say?

Certainly not you or I, but I will Burn The Candle here, and just say that there are two sides to every issue, and certainly after 911 and the lives that have been lost since, terror is certainly not something we can continue to ignore any longer, and when we all go to bed this evening, feeling safe and snug as a bug in our blankets, remember we could wake up tomorrow to another 911….what’s that you say….that can’t happen again….

Just remember, we never thought that type of thing could ever happen here in America to begin with, let’s hope that this WAR ON TERROR, isn’t all for naught.

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