Bush’S Quagmire…Iraq ! Part2

Good afternoon to you all.

In case you haven’t been paying attention………

The president gave his speech about his troop surge as part of his new Iraq plan.

The results at this have been…..

a) Protests by groups that are against the war

b) Congressman Charlie Rangle re-stating his intent to institute the ” Draft “, and his comment about this was that he felt that if this were to become a reality, there would not be such a rush to send more troops to Iraq because there would be no exception to the draft ( not entirely true of course ) and that some of the congress who are for this troop surge would do ( dare I say this ) a ” Flip Flop ” on their stand if their child would be placed in peril. I just want to say to Charlie, that this is not the best reason to institute this measure, and quite frankly, I’m a little surprised thast you would even state this fact on television. Not the best way to ingratiate yourself with the voters.

c) Condolizza Rice having her head handed to her in  front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Thursday.

In the end, the president will be sending more troops to Iraq, and other than the occassional protest, all the American people can do is continue to sit back and watch the carnage.

I do have to give the president credit, I really do believe that he in his heart believes in  this course of action, stands by it for better or worse, and really believes that this is necessary to protect America, not withstanding his personal crusade on terror.

I can say that in the last presidential election and the one before I did not vote for bush, and I am not sorry about this decision.

I can only hope that when this war has ended ( which in my opinion will be long after Bush is out of office ) that the next president can find a way to take us out of the quagmire that Bush will have left us in, and do so while leaving some sort of democratic government still standing in Iraq, without any further need of a US military presence there to help it keep order.

Hopefully, it will be a government with it’s own military that can stand on it’s own, because if not………..

it will be the real failure of Bush and his administration, and it will also be his everlasting legacy of shame and failure.

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