Bush’s Quagmire…Iraq part 1

I just have a little time this morning to write this piece, so I will be doing a part 1 and 2 to this post…..

I told my wife at dinner last night that I was going to be watching the president’s speach last night and she asked me why and I replied to her that I had to hear how he intended to plead his case for the need of more troops in an area of the world that we never belonged in in the first place and that thru his myopic vision of what that country should be, has turned it into a quagmire thru his doing, and that American soldiers now find themselves hopelessly stuck in.

For what it is worth, I can understand why the president would want to stay the course at this point…he is the commander and chief of the military and even thou he has admitted to making mistakes so far in this war, he has entrenched the country so deeply in this conflict that in order to save face, he has to continue on the course that he mistakenly believes is correct, even thou there have been many in the military who have said that this is the approach and that sending more troops into this conflict will only result in the eventual loss of more Iraqi and American lives.

Aside from all the theories about why we find ourselves in this god-forsaken country so many years later, the fault of this lies not just with the president but with the american people, and the media also……and yes I will explain my twisted statement in the second part to this post

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