The GOP and the Plot to get Oil?

In trying to be fair and unbiased in my political blogging on these pages, I was listening to a show on what might become the short lived ” Air America ” liberal talk radio station, and the show in particular was the ” Randy Rhodes ” show from three to six pm Monday thru Friday.

What really caught my attention on this particular day was a theory that the Iraq war was started by the USA and it’s ally Great Britain, so that both parties would eventually be able to own the oil wells in Iraq!

The talk was that, after the US wins this war, American and British oil companies would have contracts with the Iraqi government ( one that we helped or forced to establish depending on your point of view) and own the oil wells.

Now it would be damn interesting if any of what I heard today could be proved with hard facts that are on actual pieces of paper!

This would definitely be an IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE!

I mean, in my own educated opinion, this would be a much worse offense than say….having sex with a Washington Intern. Now this being said …….

The idea that ANY US president, would ever knowingly place American soldiers in harm’s way, because they might have something to gain personally and or be able to profit from ,would definitely soil the office of the presidency.

While I personally believe that Iraq will become president bush’s Vietnam, I would hate to believe that the real reason we found ourselves in Iraq in the first place was because there was profit to be made…..

And that it was made just by sacrificing a few thousand American soldiers….wouldn’t you?

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