Hannity’s America…My take.

I have been ( and I still am watching ) Shawn Hannity’s new show on Fox, Hannity’s America.

I can’t say that it is gripping Sunday night television, but not a bad diversion for an hour.

First up was his one on one with Cindy Sheehan. I have to say that I was surprised about the way he conducted his interview with her. He was civil, and he did not brow beat her. He asked her alot of questions about her statements toward the president, and I found her candid, honest and very civil and to some extent, apologetic about at least one of her statements toward the president.

His ” Two on Two ” segment was typical Conservative Republican vs Liberal Democrat bashing, featuring Mark ( get off the phone ya big dope ) Levin, and Young Democrats Jane Fleming and another colleague named Michael ( I’m sorry,but Michael’s last name escapes me right now ) but this segment was pretty much the Mark Levin rant part of the show, with the usual comments like  ” let me educate you ” and  ” let me connect the dots for you ” with the usual ” the democrats just don’t get it ” rhetoric, and again I was surprised at how calm and collected Hannity was.

Of course, he did have his balding bulldog to take up the slack.

The rest of the segments were at best forgettable with Shawn taking to the streets having people try to recite the ” Pledge of Allegiance ” , giving people the chance to ” sound off ” on a Shawn Hannity cardboard stand-up.

In short, I didn’t mind giving up an hour of my time watching this show, but to be honest with you I don’t think I will be a regular viewer.

And I have an answer as to why Shawn doesn’t kill Alan Combs…because he isn’t Mark Levin.

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