Bush and Iraq; A New Direction and Why?

President Bush has been talking about changes in the direction and his approach to the war in Iraq. Now with the Democrats being the majority in the house and the senate, is bush going to be able to continue with his Iraq agenda?

Is this going to be politics as usual in washington? And why is bush changing his direction in Iraq now?

Because we, the people have gotten tired of the way the Iraq war has progressed and in the elections this past November, we voted the Republicans into a minority in Washington instead of them continuing to be the majority.

Before the vote, conservative talk radio was warning it’s listeners to go out and vote or the result could be that on a ” November morning after the election, you could wake up to hear the phrase SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE NANCY PELOSI!

Personally, it doesn’t sound so terrible in my opinion.

The president’s biggest challenge now will be the Democratic majority in Washington, and the aforementioned first woman speaker of the house, who on Face The Nation said that president Bush ” Would Not Have a Blank Check ” as far as Iraq goes and hinted that funding for his ” Troop Surge ” iniative ” could wind up being denied unless he were able ” to justify ” it.

Are the Demacrats flexing their muscles in Washington?

Of course they are, and after a twelve year ownership of Washington, including during the Clinton presidency, agendas in Washington are bound to change.

And do I blame the Dems for this?

No. It’s their time now to move their agenda forward.

It will be tough on the Republicans to have to sit back and watch things unfold, but also realize that they are not powerless either. Things that might have been frowned upon by the GOP like Filibustering for a cause which the Dems had threatened to use as far as issues on the war, might now be used by the GOP on the Dems plans to raise the minimum wage if their isn’t some form of tax relief for small and big business.

If you listen to conservative radio talk shows this week, I doubt that you will hear any condemnation of the GOP, when they threaten to use the same tactics that they said were just the Dems ” Politicizing an issue “, namely the war in Iraq.

Politics as usual in Washington? You bet it is. On both sides of the aisle.

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