10 Influential People of 2007

Happy New Year to one and all

These are my picks for who will be the most influential people of 2007.

10- Saddam Hussein

Yes he was executed in the early hours of December 30th. But I feel that Saddam will still be an influence thru the first quarter of this new year. There has already been talk of Saddam being made a martyr, and I feel that there will be an escalation of bombings and other type of attacks made in his name. US and Iraqi forces will eventually quell the violence, but not without more loss of life.

9- Condolezza Rice

I think that circumstance will wind up playing a big part in thrusting Rice into the limelight this year. She will become a major part of Bush’s rethinking of his approach in dealing with Iraq. Her term of “ Transformational Diplomacy ” talked about in a Georgetown School of Foreign Service speech on January 18, 2006 will be pivotal in Bush’s new approach to Iraq, and the best part is she won’t get the credit for her involvement in the policy shift.

8- Eliot Spitzer

Spitzer was an effective attorney general. Being sworn into office today as the governor of NYS, I think Spitzer might prove to be one of the best governors NYS has had. Look for him to hold the office for at least two terms. And dare we think that we might actually see a budget get here on time?

7- You
Time magazine’s person of the year…you! That’s right we the people will continue to drive and define web 2.0 in the coming year into what we want it to be.

6- Barack Obama

One of the surprise up and comers in the Democratic Party in 06, will continue to be in the spotlight, whether he finally decides to actually throw his hat into contention for a White House run in 08 or not.

5- John Edwards

Two years after his loss for the White House on the ticket with Senator John Kerry ( if your a Democrat, you hope that Kerry does not take a stab at a run in o8, and if your a conservative republican, you most certainly hope that Kerry steps up and repeats his stupidity in 08 ) Edwards has thrown his hat in the White House race of 08, and his inclusion makes it a three way run with….

4- Hillary Clinton

While Hillary still hasen’t said for sure that she will run in 08, I can’t see the point in denying her ambition to be the first woman to hold the office of the presidency. My mother has stated that she would not hesitate in placing a vote for Hillary in an 08 run. Personally, I am not sure that I could place a vote for her at this point in time.

3- The Talk Radio Conservative Media

Conservative talk radio has become a steamroller over the past three years. WABC in NY is the flagship station of some strong conservative voices including Rush Limbaugh ( who is a real windbag, and often refers to himself as ” El Rushbo ” among other names he calls himself ) Marc Levin, (an inane drone if ever there was one, and can someone please explain to me why he keeps being refered to as ” The Great One ” ), Curtis and Kuby in the morning, I like Ron Kuby, it’s just too bad he has to share the mike with Guardian Angel founder and thug ( just my opinion ) Curtis Sliwa, and the one person on that station who I can sometimes actually agree with on some issues, Shawn Hannity. Don’t take conservative talk radio for granted, they are a powerful influence now and the Democrats don’t really have anything that compares to them at this point in time.

2- Iran and North Korea

These two countries will continue to be in the news in 07 and they will both certainly tax the US, as far as any type of diplomacy is concerned. Both countries have nuclear capabilities at this point in time, and even worse North Korea has already had a few underground tests with a nuke, even thou it took us about three days to finally admit that it was a nuke they had tested underground. While Iran has also begun it’s nuclear program again, we continue to try to pressure them to back away from that program with sanctions, and they continue to warn that this approach will only backfire. And the best we have going on is a renegade republican, Arlen Spector saying that he would meet with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Of course everyone knows that Spector has broken ranks with the Bush administration on this issue at this time. I need say nothing more, that statement speaks for itself.

1- George Bush

With one more year in office, Bush will continue to be the most important person in the US and the most scrutinized. As his presidency winds down, I predict that unless Bush finds a way to change policy in regard to Iraq and get a definite plan for withdrawal of troops before his presidency is over, his party will not be able to put another Republican candidate in the oval office in 08.

Nor do I think that the party will take any recommendations from him as to who the new front runner for the white house should be.

Okay, that’s my wrap-up for 07. This is my first time doing this so, obviously, I will learn from my mistakes, and anyone who wants to laugh can do so at the buzzer!

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