After Saddam’s Death, is it time to pull out of Iraq?

saddamcaptureIt’s been in the news for the past two days now….

Saddam is to be hanged. The Iraqi government had a fair trail, and found Saddam guilty. There was an appeal and Saddam’s verdict was upheld. So his death sentence will be carried out sometime overnight ( if it hasn’t been done already )and Saddam the tyrant will be executed by ” hanging from the neck till he is dead.”

Now, don’t misunderstand me, I have no problem what so ever with this plan.

As a matter of fact, I think they ought to get a few more of Saddam loyalists together and instead of hanging them, put them on ” Electric Bleachers ” and have a mass execution ,and make it a pay per view event on HBO! Now that’s entertainment!

But, I digress…..

So after Saddam is dead, isn’t it time that the US and it’s allies ( namely Great Britain ) finally pull out of this war torn ( of which we had a hand in making it war-torn! )country already?

Haven’t we actually accomplished what we went in there for?

What, you thought we went in there for our interest in their oil? Apparently not, have you looked at the gas prices rising again?

Hell, we took out the dictator, and his sons. Now I think that it’s time we started to withdraw our troops from this country.

So what does this mean and how do we do this….well we have a good start towards this with the actual thought that we have to train the Iraqis to be able to police their own country. Even thou Pentagon officials say that the military cannot solve all of Iraq’s ills, it’s a damn good start.

After Saddam’s death, my first thought is that there will be more rather than less violence between Shites and Sunnis, and of course our troops ( along with more Iraqis )will lose their lives in this ongoing war, due to retaliation from Iraqis who are still loyal to Saddam and have threatened violence should Saddam be put to death.

While both the Republicans and Democrats fire at each other across the aisle when it comes to the withdrawal of our troops, it behooves both parties to come to terms with this problem and come up with a bi-partisan plan to get our troops home, and get it done while president Bush is still in office after all this was a war that he started, and I think he should end it also.

And why did we go to war again? Could we find ourselves in this quagmire because of…..

a) Weapons of Mass Destruction

b) Several UN Resolutions


d)a little revenge for his dad, Bush senior

e) all of the above ( and maybe a few that you have thought of that I have not )

I believe that the Iraq war will be judged in the history books as Bush’s Viet Nam, and while the administration is looking at new strategies on how best to proceed with this little war, they also need to look at a real exit strategy to get our troops home and finally let Iraq govern it’s own country, because in the end , they did not ask us to bring them democracy, we have forced it on them.

And as a baby that comes kicking and screaming into the world, eventually we have to watch the baby become an adult and make adult decisions after the child reaches adulthood. Which usually is around the age of 18 or 19, but as the proud parents of Iraqi democracy, I don’t want to have to change Iraq’s diaper till it turns 18 or 19.

I say to the Bush administration, let’s look at the baby we have conceived, and watch it from a distance already okay.

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