Gerald Ford: A President’s Legacy

We have lost another important figure in American history.

Gerald Ford was a president who was never elected to the office of the presidency.

Ford was thrust into the office of the presidency after the resignation of Richard Nixon, whom he would later pardon. Not one of the most popular things that he did while in office, but surely in the face of some of the men to hold the office later, not the worst either. Ford took the oath of office in August of 1974. I was still in high school at that time, and truth to tell, I have very little remembrance of his presidency.

What I am willing to say in this post is that he was faced with a lot of challenges in the wake of Nixon. He had to stabilize an inflationary economy, chronic energy shortages

( sounds familiar doesn’t it ) and try to stave off a recession.

Under Fords presidency, the US withdrew from Viet Nam, and the execution of the Helsinki Accords.

After Ford had taken office, he made a speech that was televised on national television, stating that he realized that he had not been elected to the office of president, but asked the country to confirm him as president with their prayers.

I don’t want to go into a whole history lesson on president Ford, but I will repeat what has already been said about him….

He was a well respected, kind hearted man, in and out of office of president.

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